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There is good news! There is a much better way –  a more biblical way to do fundraising than most Christian organizations and churches understand.  We offer extensive training to development staff and leaders that is absolutely transformational for both the organization and those who support them. Building upon a solid theology of development and a biblical worldview, fundraising becomes far more a spiritual exercise than a financial one – to everyone’s relief and delight!

You Want Ministry Partners, Not Just Financial Donors?

You Want Ministry Partners,
Not Just Financial Donors?

Most fundraising methods require intense efforts from the development team that often exhausts the organizations already limited human and financial resources often without seeing much significant fruit.

By turning your development department into a stewardship ministry to high-capacity families, you will now be able to serve these families instead of them always serving you. You can now help them become better stewards and in doing so enabling them to become much more generous and effective in how they manage and deploy the resources that God has entrusted them to manage.

You can now help these families become good and faithful  stewards and at the same time  be paving the way for your organization to much more effectively fulfill its mission. Combining  a biblical worldview and a stewardship planning ministry together enables everyone to end up  achieving “Maximum Kingdom Impact”.

Achieve Long-Term Sustainability
Investing in Your Ministry Partners


We help you identify and cultivate your current and potential high-capacity families who share your vision


You will help them discover how to maximize the Kingdom impact through strategic, stewardship planning


You will help them find God’s will and purpose for their lives and how to most effectively live it out

Who We Serve

Christian Schools and Universities

Ensuring the highest standards of education while integrating Christian values is a challenge that sets Christian universities and schools apart. This mission necessitates financial resources that don’t always align easily with traditional funding models. Our goal is to simplify this complexity for your institution. We incorporate a biblical theology of development and a biblical  worldview into your advancement culture enabling you  to connect on a much deeper and more intimate level with your highest-capacity families. This stewardship ministry approach dramatically increases loyalty and both current and long-term giving which is typically many multiples of what these families have given to your institution in the past.

Christian Non-Profits

Finding ministry partners for your unique nonprofit’s cause can be challenging because they must align with your mission and believe that you will steward their resources well. Working with hundreds or even thousands of ministry partners can be draining on your leadership and your development team which can create turnover and burnout. That’s where we come in and help prevent those issues by equipping them to be more confident in their divine mission while simplifying the stewardship process by helping them identify and connect with high-capacity families.


Many churches grapple with the ongoing challenge of depending solely on traditional tithing to fund their operations – a strategy that routinely falls short of realizing the church’s vision. We empower your pastors, development team, and financial team by offering a biblical theology of fundraising that is neither awkward nor legalistic. With this approach, you will be able to  unlock far greater potential for impact in how you teach and disciple your highest capacity families.



Jay Link and his team of professionals at the Stewardship Resource Group offer a unique perspective on biblical stewardship that addresses what matters most to the heart of God and the ideal goals of affluent Christians to impact the world for Christ. Their professionalism and biblical perspective on sound stewardship principles have been invaluable and permanently altered my mindset and approach to biblical stewardship. They are truly phenomenal and remain on the cutting edge of biblically aligned stewardship coaching for affluent Christian families. They are committed to using their considerable professional skills and experience to help advance the cause of Christ and have no equal that I’m aware of.

And they have produced multiple seven-digit gifts to Answers in Genesis over the years through their work with our ministry partners. I cannot recommend their services highly enough for Christians who have been blessed with material resources who want to have a meaningful impact on the world for Christ.
John Pence
General Counsel and Director of Planned Giving, Answers in Genesis
Not only did Jay have a transformational impact on the top ministry partners I work with, but he widened my perspective on my role as a stewardship agent. The three questions Jay elevates -- “What do I need for myself? What do I leave to my heirs? What do I do with the rest?” -- help frame meaningful conversations with people the Lord has entrusted with much. And the concept of “doing your giving while you're living” as an act of obedience and sound stewardship are life giving to the core. I praise God for Jay and his ministry.
Steve Ford
Regional Director of Development, Taylor University
Going through Stewardship Ministries’ training/coaching and has been a life changing experience. Both personally and professionally my thought process has changed. Often we don’t think that God really does own it all. He most certainly does. We have been given an opportunity to be stewards for His Kingdom and glory to serve Him.

As stewards, we are led by Jesus Christ connect the hearts and minds of our ministry partners with the people we serve at The Rescue Mission. This unique fundraising philosophy aligns with the Word of God, is inspired by the Spirit of God and encourages the people of God to participate in the transformation of the most vulnerable people in our community.

II Corinthians 9:8 (NLT), And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.
Laurie Brumbaugh
Sr. Vice President, Ft. Wayne Rescue Mission
The quality of training I have received from Stewardship Ministries is unparalleled. Jay’s vast knowledge of the intricacies of Charitable planning tools has helped me increase my understanding of advanced planned giving strategies. He takes a thoroughly biblical approach to help create a spirit of generosity in your organization.

I highly recommend working with Jay and his team for the long-term sustainability of your organization.
Janelle Taylor
Philanthropy Officer. Ft. Wayne Rescue Mission
My knowledge of being a good steward of financial resources was very limited prior to working with Jay. I learned of many tools that have been very helpful as I engage with ministry partners today, helping them to understand the powerful opportunities they have through gifting resources that are non-cash assets.

I also learned that our ministry partner base tends to have a LOT more in resources than they think, and we have the opportunity to open their minds to those different resources.

Because of the work that Jay did with a number of the families that I get to work with, the kinds of gifts they are giving are multiples of what they had been giving in the past.

I’m very grateful for Jay and his ministry to me, my family, and to our Taylor ministry partners.
Kent Yost
Regional Director of Development, Taylor University
Jay's expertise, experience, and passion for life-long stewardship of ALL resources (because everything belongs to God) is something that will impact my ability to do Kingdom fundraising and my own personal Stewardship for the rest of my life. To be intentional about what we should be doing with what we've been entrusted with has been a game changer for me. For most high net-worth Christian families the answer to the question of "what do we leave the kids?" is not simply “all of it to the kids.” Jay has made our entire development team more thoughtful about this crucial and faulty assumption.

The Stewardship Ministry has also profoundly impacted the ministry partner families that I personally serve, showing them how to give multiple millions of dollars more to the Kingdom than anything they would have ever imagined they could.
Tom Green
Regional Director of Development, Taylor University
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All the coaching and training that is provided by Stewardship Resource Group has been approved for CFRE credits towards the CFRE designation and/or for those who already have it as continuing education credits.

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’”

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